Muscle Cramps: What’s Causing It And How To Prevent It? 5 Tips To Prevent And Stop Muscle Cramps

woman fell down on the ground because of muscle cramp

We all felt that awful sensation in the middle of the night, right after we wake up, or during an exercise. But, what exactly are muscle cramps, and why do they occur? And, most importantly, how to avoid them or stop them once they occur?   Today’s blog post will teach you everything you need […]

8 Exercises To Get Shredded Abs

Start with warm up : 10 min on a treadmill or bicycle Workout: 3 sets 1 min easy exercise 1️⃣Spiderman Plank 2️⃣Seated Scissors 3️⃣Seated Kicks 4️⃣Russian Twist 5️⃣Seated In and Out Variation 6️⃣Plank Hip Twist 7️⃣V-Ups 8️⃣Leg Raises Remember to always keep your core tight and try on focusing on the muscle you are working […]

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