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Hey, this is Kate with Fit and Shredded

My fitness story started from an early age of 5 when I discovered my love of ballet.

I started ballet then and I continued for 11 consecutive years.

Two years before I graduated high school I had to quit ballet because my studies were suffering. I found it very difficult to perform well in everything, so I had to choose; my studies or ballet training. I chose studies.

As my exercise routines in ballet stopped I found myself spending more time with people that had no interest in fitness and training.

From there my health began to spiral downwards. To gain acceptance with my friends I felt I had to look more like them so I began eating junk food. At that time I was so skinny. I just didn’t have those “girly curves” giving me that familiar feminine figure.

People were calling me chicken stick. I also started drinking alcohol and partying!

To make a long story short I end up two years later being 19 pounds heavier. For a girl like me who was previously always training and had a very skinny physique, that was sooo weird to have gained so much weight.

My life changed completely. I had lost my self-esteem and had no confidence. I felt insecure with my body, embarrassed to go to the beach with friends, having my hands cross in front to cover my belly.

I didn’t want to swim or play with my friends afraid of revealing all my cellulite in public.

I realize now that back then I hit rock bottom in my health and fitness-life, and like most people experience when hitting rock bottom, I was forced to make the tough decisions to make a positive change in my life.

I chose right there to commit to take control over my own body and change my habits! The problem though, was that I had no idea where to begin; wasn’t even on my radar.😞

So I attempted in vain to try so many diets without results. I also included training on a daily basis but again wasn’t seeing any results. Any guesses as to why?

Answer…I just simply lacked the proper knowledge. And knowledge is power when properly used!

Even though I finally started to exercise regularly the scale didn’t change much!

I even went to the extent of workout twice a day.

I had no idea though that I had to combine nutrition with training in order to experience the results I was after.

I wanted my slim figure back but this time be more fit & shredded.

I also didn’t know how metabolism worked nor the meaning & proper application of using macro or micro nutrients or the meaning of being in a calorie deficit.

After going through the school of hard knocks, I finally started to learn how to implement what was necessary to transform my health & fitness.

When I finally started to understand the science of nutrition and how to lose weight and sculpt my body at the same time (lean muscle) I saw great results. But my story doesn’t end there.

I struggled again with my fitness journey while trying to coach people online and maintain my full time job as an international airline stewardess flying overseas sometimes for a duration of 15-17 flying hrs.

It was so exhausting!!!!! I had no time to prepare my meals but made sure to do my workout routine.

Again I started eating out a lot due to the nature of the work. So, I really do understand how life can be tough having no time for other activities, feeling overwhelmed, alone and miserable.

The good news though is I found a way to overcome these obstacles.

That knowledge is what I want to share with you!

My goal as an expert fitness mentor is to teach you the easy way so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did. The school of hard knocks is extremely time-consuming and costly.

You don’t have to be alone in your fitness journey. Feeling bad with yourself or insecure can be easily overcome with proper guidance and accountability.

You don’t even have to be a fitness expert to reach your fitness goals. You simply need the desire to change for the better and I’ll guide you from there if you’d like.

For a limited time you can book a Free 30-minute fitness coaching call with me by clicking here. Spots do run out, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Click here to see my openings. From there we’ll talk and discuss your situation, your goals, struggles and map out a plan you can confidently implement to achieve that dream body you’ve always wanted. Hope to talk with you soon!