3 Tips To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Let’s be honest, eating healthy and working out is not super simple, but it is not impossible. This is why sticking to your diet and training regime might be the most challenging part of a person’s fitness journey. Our minds can play tricks on us and become a complicated piece of the puzzle.


Therefore, we can get frustrated when trying over and over to adopt a good habit and break bad ones. But, do not despair and quit all at once. Instead, let’s find easy ways to build new good habits and break the bad ones. So, let’s see the following tips to reach your fitness goals.

Consistency is Key

To clarify this tip, I will give you an example:

Person A has been eating healthy (but enjoying good meals and snacks) and training regularly (without overdoing it) for over three years. Meanwhile, Person B has been eating on a strict diet (very low in calories and no carbs) and has been training 7 days a week and also doing fasted cardio every day for a whole month. Now, who do you think will achieve better results?


If you think person B will get better results, you are wrong. Person A will get better and longer-lasting results. Besides, person A will be happier along the way and enjoy the process. Remember: it’s not about the destination, but about the journey too! If you cannot enjoy the journey, you will not enjoy the destination either.


Do you know what the main difference between Person A and Person B’s weight loss plan is? It is consistency. For me, consistency is the key to achieving everything in life, not just your fitness goals. It applies to everything: your weight, your level of fitness, your mental health, your relationships, your career, everything.


Consistency, unlike anything else, will allow you to reach further, as you progress, so does your body. Our bodies adapt to different circumstances. We are creatures of habit. The more we practice something, the more natural it becomes. So, the longer the period your body is under consistent progression, the better the results over time.


Consistency is arguably the foundation of progression. So if you want to see amazing results, start here! Be consistent with your workouts and what you eat. Don’t deprive yourself because it will lead you to feel exhausted and quit. You will be far better by implementing realistic changes to your lifestyle consistently.

Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Sometimes we take the easy way out. “I do not have time to work out or cook to eat healthily”. It is important to identify when you truly lack time and excuses take over.


A comfort zone is when you feel safe or at ease. In fitness, it is following a habitual pattern because it’s easier. So, you will find yourself always taking the same classes or following the same workout over and over, or not increasing the weights, reps, sets, or intensity.


There’s nothing wrong with following workouts you love, but stepping outside of your fitness comfort zone is the key to see progress. Not only you will break your routine and have more fun, but it can also help you break a plateau or increase your motivation. Getting outside of your comfort zone is all , about experimenting. Don’t fear the unknown, try a new class, or follow a varied fitness program! Remember No change, no gains!


If the idea of change is holding you back, just try it and don’t think too much. The more you think, the more limiting beliefs you’re allowing to pop in your head. Step past whatever is holding you back, step outside of your routine, and try something new or spice up your routine. You never know, you might love it. And, if in the end, it turns out not to be your thing, don’t worry, at least you tried. That is exactly what getting out of your fitness comfort zone is all about.


And, another way to step outside of your comfort zone at the gym is by taking things to the next level. For example, you can try the incline option on the treadmill, increase your weights or reps or sets, or choose a challenge, and stick to it!

Trust the Process


You cannot get rid of all your bad habits all at once, and you cannot adopt all the good ones at the same time. Give yourself time to adjust and trust the process. Good things take time. In fact, if you truly want to see visible results, you will have to wait a few months.


If you are reading this, congratulations, you are on the right track! That means you want to take action. Trust the process, it takes time for the body to adjust. Learning and trying to find out ways to achieve your goals is the first step. This is not a quick fix. This is a lifestyle.


Besides, weight loss is not linear. If you constantly feel demotivated by fluctuating numbers in the scale, ditch the scale! Your weight is never the same, especially for women. Depending on a massive amount of factors, such as your cycle, how much water you are retaining, etc., you will weigh more or less every single day. So, I cannot stress this enough, trust the process, and you will soon start to see changes.

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