How does my 1-on-1 mentoring work?

I’m an expert fitness coach who specializes in helping women throughout the world like you get shredded and fit no matter where you’re at in life. Whether you’re overweight, slim, fit, just want to lose a few pounds etc. I’m here for you. If you ‘re struggling to reach the next level, you’re not sure what & how to eat or what & how to exercise and so forth I can help guide you through step by step because I’ve been there before.  I can help you achieve that impressive body you’ve always wanted without sacrificing your longevity and health and without needing to think you have to go out for bodybuilding competitions. 

My Fit and Shredded Mentoring Program Offers You:

  1. Personalized workout plans for your specific goals and needs. 
  2. Specific micro/ macronutrient guidelines and customized meal plans, with delicious recipes based on your taste so you will never get bored. 
  3. The freedom to work towards your goals in your own terms. 
  4. A monthly schedule with specific instructions on how to train, and demonstration videos that provide you specific guidance to learn from. 
  5. The freedom to choose where and when to train. 
  6. Daily support and instant communication with me 
  7. Weekly One-on-One,1hr recorded mentoring session with me directly. 


What to Expect

Weekly reviews and reassessments to monitor your progress and help assure you are consistently achieving your goals.

  • Receive specific instructions on exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Evaluation of customized delicious meal plans for you. (allows me to track and better understand how to work with your nutrition meal-plan and incorporate that into your lifestyle.
  • Check weight and body measurement – Compare transformation pics
  • Feedback questionnaire (will help me as your mentor to have a better view and help me improve the program for you)

1st BONUS: Monthly recipe videos delivered to you. I’ll teach you how to create delicious recipes to enjoy eating while getting ripped and fit during your mentoring with me. As your Mentor and friend, I am here to support you and guide you to maximize your potential on achieving your goals. I’ll be next to you to guide you each step of the way to great success. I am also here for you if you start to feel unmotivated or are struggling to help keep you on track with your fitness and health goals. 

I provide encouragement to all my clients to reach me any time they struggle with their diet, or get that sudden craving to eat the entire fridge 😊 or simply have a question. You are always welcome to reach out.

Personalized Workout Plan

My Mentoring program consist of a customized workout plan unique for your needs and goals to help you achieve great results, and if you think a particular workout is too challenging, let me know and I’ll make the adjustments, so it better meets your needs.

You’ll receive different workout plans every 2 weeks to help maximize your strength and ensure progress and avoiding hitting a plateau.

Are you ready for the best fitness mentoring?

If you have never worked with a mentor before it’s important to know that a mentor, as myself, has been there and done it. This should encourage you and give you more confidence knowing that you’ll get the results you want because you’re working with someone who walks the talk.

So, if you are looking for a long-term mentor to be there every step of your fitness journey, to tweak things when necessary, ensure you are held accountable to your fitness goals, then my online mentoring is exactly for you if you‘re willing to push hard yourself.


Bring one friend or family members and get 2 for 1 pricing on my mentoring! This means the investment you pay can be split between you and your friend. Cool! Doing this saves you money of course but also gives you a bit more friendly accountability and support as I mentor you.

Are you committed and ready to rock ‘n roll?

If so, I’m with you 100%. All you gotta do now is book your free 30 minutes fitness call with me by clicking on the button below and we’ll discuss your situation and see if my mentoring is a good fit for you.